Boardmaker Tips


Adding photos to your symbol finder

1. Open Boardmaker & open the symbol library (silly face man)
2. Open your picture and copy to clipboard (ctrl-c), if on internet download picture first
3. Switch back to Boardmaker and type ctrl-v
5. Add picture screen will appear, type a name for the picture
6. Click the category button, and check one
7. Click OK
8. The picture will be stored in your symbol finder.


Changing Languages
1. Open the symbol finder (silly face man)
2. Click on the "Change Symbol Finder Options" - looks like a light switch
3. Select the language you want on line 2
4. Indian, Cyrillic, & Middle East languages require additional downloads
5. Click OK and type a word into the finder
6. When you paste in the alternate language will appear


Creating templates

1. Open a new board
2. create a blank outline - this can be 2X2 squares to fill in, a worksheet template, or whatever you want.
3. Click file, and select Save As Template
4. Name your file something descriptive and click OK
5. To open your blank template, click file and select Open Template


Shuffle Buttons

1. Select all buttons you want to move.
You can do this 2 ways, click and drag across all buttons OR hold shift and click the buttons you want to shuffle
2. Go to Menu Bar
3. Click Edit -> Shuffle Buttons
4. If you only want to trade 2 buttons, choose Edit -> Swap Buttons

Print multiple Pages
This procedure differs for each printer you will use it on.

1. open a new board
2. click file, and select Board Setup
3. in the middle of the page you will see the maximum width & length for 1 page on your selected printer
If you need to change the printer - select Page Setup, select your printer, click OK
4. multiply the maximum width by the number of pages across you want (4 or 5 works well)
5. input you answer into the top box marked width (60 in. is the max)
6. multiply the maximum length by 2
7. input answer into the top box marked length (60 in. is the max)
8. This method should give you a 8-10 page “board” that you can see at one time!

CHEAT SHEET - click here for Dist 57 printer cheat sheet