Boardmaker Toolbar


symbol_finder.jpgSymbol Finder (Silly Man) - all pictures stored here
pointer_tool.jpgPointer Tool - use to pick items, move items, resize items, etc...
button_tool.jpgButton Tool - creates buttons to place pictures inside
spray_button.jpgSpray Tool - use to copy buttons
line_tool.jpgLine Tool - use to create straight lines
text_tool.jpgText Tool - use to create text
symbolate_tool.jpgSymbolate Tool - creates text with a symbol above each word.
color.pngColor Pallete - can be used to change background color, button color, or symbol color
Picture_4.pngThickness Tool - use to change thickness of lines
Picture_5.pngCorner Tool - use to change the corner of the a button
zoom_tool.jpgZoom Tool - use to zoom in and out on boards

Change Symbol Toolbar

flip_horizontal.jpgFlip Horizontal Tool - flips the symbol 180 degrees horizontally
Picture_7.pngPencil Tool - use to draw on a symbol
fli_vertical.jpgFlip Vertical Tool - flips the symbol 180 degrees vertically
eraser.jpgEraser Tool - erases parts of a symbol
rotate.jpgRotate Tool - rotates symbol 90 degrees counter clockwise
fill_tool.jpgFill Tool - fills in one section of a symbol
invert.jpgInvert Tool - inverts all colors
fill_all.jpgFill All Tool - Fills entire symbol
Picture_8.pngMarquee Tool - use to select parts of a symbol