iOS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the Volume Purchase Program (VPP)?

A: The VPP is a way for schools & non-profit organizations to purchase a large amount of apps to use on multiple iOS devices. Apple now requires that schools need to have 1 app per iOS device. Instead of making them buy apps at full price, developers can set a price up to 50% off. Schools need to register for the program, and can then purchase $100 vouchers to assign to teachers to buy apps. There is a lot more information about the program available from the Learning in Hand website - Volume Purchase Program and also from AssistiveWare - License & purchasing Questions.

Q: I own my own device, but the school wants to get an app for my child, is there any way for them to purchase an app for me?

A: Yes, all apps can be gifted to an individual. Just have them head to iTunes, there is an arrow next to the price, click on the arrow and select "gift this app".


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