Tips & Tricks

  • tap home button 2 times to go back to first screen
  • tap again to go to search feature
  • iOS software ver. 4 - double tap home button to open multitasking, landscape lock, & other features
    • iPad ONLY - outside switch is now configurable, can set to work as mute switch or orientation lock
    • to lock orientation double tap home button, and scroll to right
  • hold any icon, when it starts to wiggle you can move or click x to delete
  • Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Tips
  • Restore from Backup- instructions for restoring iPod, iPhone or iPad from backup after apps are deleted
  • Parental Restrictions available - see Settings > General > Restrictions
    • turn off access to Safari, Youtube, iTunes, Installing Apps, Location, In-App Purchase
    • Also set restrictions on content (music, Movies & TV shows)
    • NEW in iOS 4.2 turn off the ability to delete apps

Turn off those items you want to restrict access to, you will be asked to input a 4 digit pin
IMG_0003.PNG IMG_0002.PNG

YouTube Settings

  • create a Youtube Account - can use any Google sign in
  • once created you can limit the videos students have access to by using the channel view
  • Only videos you have Favorited or included on Playlists will be visible & will play on the same page

Safety Mode

-eliminates questionable material from searches & collapses all comments

  • navigate to
  • click "SIgn In" in top right corner, you can use any Google sign in
  • Once back to the YouTube page, scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Look for this:

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